3:34 in the morning thoughts in 10 whopping minutes

1. Will I wake my dorm room neighbors if I make a hot pocket?

2. I never realized how dark it is at this time.

3. I really can’t sleep.

4. Are my eyes bloodshot? *Goes and looks in mirror*

5. Screw it! I’m making this hot pocket.

6. But… I will do it in the community lounge’s microwave.

7. Can I take my blanket out there?

8. Nah. I’ll look like a weirdo.

9. What is a weirdo?

10. What is normal?

11. What is life?

12. What is my purpose here? *Looks at Bible and thinks about reading it, but sets it back down, because no one wants to think at this time in the a.m.*

13. Does it always get colder at night/early morning?

14. Tee hee. That’s a silly question. It is freezing rain outside.

15. Can I go to sleep yet?

16. I’m going to message my friend.

17. K bye.

18. Wait… I hope he answers.

19. If not, then, well I will come back and edit this post adding more.

20. Is video chatting an option?

21. Do I dare ask?!

22. Need advice guys. Comment?

23. Who is going to comment this late at night?

24. Is he going to answer this early? (See how I corrected myself. It is a.m., not late at night?)

25. Sleep is nice.

26. Brain, “Too bad. So sad. Sucks to suck. You want to sleep? Good joke!”



This Bridge


This Bridge 
Genivyve Smith 
6 March 2013

I walk alone

on the path unknown.

This trail I walk

doesn’t talk,

doesn’t criticize,

doesn’t lead me to demise .

This road I take

also isn’t fake.

Now off this bridge I fall,

tumbling like a rag doll.

I was pushed to my end!

I’m the only one who has sinned?

So even as I have died,

You have lied.

Me, you have hurt

with all those words you had to blurt.

Spreading the gossip

this is how I stopped the toss-up.

You gambled with the devil.

“Hurry now come to my level,”

The devil remarked.

This hate sparked.

How long until she cracks?

Look at the swag he lacks.

I made a statement,

because of your treatment.

I chose a permanant solution to a temporary problem. 

If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

The Proposal for Parks

I recently obtained Writer’s Blocks for Writer’s Block from my grandma. It was Mrs. Farnsworth’s idea to use it for our journal topic today.

My words:

Doctor, boy, to, ouch, the, clamor, rides, hoped, flesh, lurid, left, hmmmm, he, hero, we, heart, opens, lots, sweet, bank.

I’m here to tell you about the tale of being a boy. The tale of playing at a lurid park. With an enormous red slide, a gold merry-go-round, and the brightest sky blue swings you could find. This is no ordinary tale though, for this is about a painful time in everyone’s childhood.

“But mooooommmm I don’t want to go to the bank,” the boy protested, “I want one more ride on the merry-go-round. Jake rides it all the time!”

“Don’t clamor, Joseph,” that’s what mom said. I bet she was thinking something along the lines of I hoped he wouldn’t be such a pain in my ass. (I wasn’t allowed to say that word; I had to say rear end or caboose. I learned my lesson when in the supermarket this big round lady was in front of us. She had such a body odor that even the flies were dying. I mean, it was blazing out and this lady has the nerve to reach into her blouse, pulling out a $20… enough with that I’ve gotten all off topic now.)

Back to my story, mom stated, “Don’t clamor, Joseph.”

She yelled for Jake and I to move it and get in the station wagon, or the family mobile, or she was leaving. Man, we went a runnin’. First, Jake left. He jumped off the monkey bars. Second, I flew off the merry-go-round.

“Ouch! Mom!” I screamed that. I hollered that to Jesus, yacking into the heavens. My arm and hand burned. My arm was on fire. Numb. My wrist went numb.

Well, needless to say, there was a lot of blood and Mom didn’t go to the bank that day.

It wasn’t fair either; Jake only scraped his flesh.

“Oh my sweet!” Mom.

The ride to the ER was fun… We sang songs to help distract me. It helped lots.

The doctor examined me. He scrutinized. Listened to my heart, took my pulse, did doctor stuff, yup, that’s what he did. “Hmmmm…”

“What?” my mom said, worried.

“I’ll have to take some X-rays, but it seems your son-”


“-Yes, Joseph seems to have a shattered wrist, and his other shoulder seems to be dislocated,” replied doc.

After he popped my shoulder back into place I thanked him. He was my hero.

So this was my tale of being a boy and playing at a wonderful playground. I am now a doctor, and even though kids get hurt at parks. I can tell you they can get hurt at home too. I, therefore, support more parks for kids to have fun and be healthy at. These children can exercise. These children can be social. Get outside and play, for it is accelerating fun. Remember be careful. ¡Tener cuidado mis niños! Be careful my children!



Gun Control

I saw this photo,


and I believe it is very naive. Are we supposed to lay down like lambs for slaughter? Whoever believes this is thinking like a victim, not a survivor. Quit being naive. Quit now!

If you believe that I want you to know Tobacco use kills 529,000 people per year compared to the 11,493 deaths by firearms per year. According to the FBI the number one weapon used in crimes is a baseball bat. If someone is unprotected such as a woman walking home from work what is she to do? Protect herself its her duty, her obligation to herself and honestly the cops are there to enforce the rules, not to run around playing safety.


She should feel safer and not get raped or not get murdered. If the solution to gun related to violence is to limit guns then what’s the solution to rape? Think about that…

“Guns are used 4 times as often in self-defense as in crime and 98% of the time, it is not even fired,” as quoted from FBI and CATO institute services.

At the same time if these people are not educated its useless. Educated and armed people is what is needed; they need to be coinciding.

Educate and protect yourself. Do not be naive like the first photo. Guns do not kill people. People kill people.

Please excuse…

Dear Teacher,

Please excuse Genivyve for coming late to class. She was listening to Bohemian Rhapsody and we all know you can’t walk away from a jam like that. I mean its 5: 55. It’s a long song and a good one at that. Then after Bohemian Rhapsody, Some Nights came on. That’s a good song too! Anyway excuse her for jamming.

Thanks for understanding,

Genivyve’s Parents.

Superbowl Ads

For Sociology I had to watch the Superbowl commercials. I honestly would not have watched it, for I’m not into sports. I just don’t find them interesting. Sorry.

I liked the Taco Bell one, the military one (Jeep), the Farmer one ( RAM) and the pistachio one. I will include links to these advertisements below.

Taco Bell: