A Poem ©

A Poem *
Genivyve Smith 

A poem.

A piece of art.

Quoted and loved by many,

related to many more.

Something that never truly grows old.

Its verse carries,


*This was published in The Conrad Record: Your Hometown paper Serving Beaman,Conrad, Liscomb, Union, Whitten and Central Iowa. 


Song of Myself

Song of Myself 
Genivyve Smith
21 January 2013

I am to write
and read
and compile to the standards of this world
I shall not,
for if you talk about me behind by back
it means I’m in front of you
If  you hate me for hating you
don’t judge me for saying so
and as for the summary of this
“Judge me all you want just keep the verdict to yourself.”

Individuals, individual.
If we are all trying to be creative
all of us trying to be unique
are we then becoming one of the same
same ideas?
Be yourself
not anyone else
but don’t try too hard.
Life has no meaning.
Life has no purpose;
it is only there to live.
But I believe…?
This means there is a purpose?
I’m not God; I’m not sure.
Life is not copy wrote.
Life is not trade marked.
Enjoy it with every desire.
Life is not bought,
nor is happiness.
Infatuation can sure be bought though.
That’s why we have snotty brats.
That’s why there’s even a term for instant gratification.
This is my song.
Go sing your own.