The Kids

Here's to the kids

I am a senior in high school in the middle of no where. I am graduating this year. The following line is important to me, “We are the kids who never made it.” I’m not saying I am an outcast or am not a stereotypical person in this oh so small world. I am simply saying just because you didn’t make it in high school doesn’t mean you won’t make it, for it is not our past that defines us. But making is just simply getting by; it is not striving for your best. Strive for your best and you will make it. Sure, that doesn’t mean you will always get exactly what you want or that people will realize the work you put into something, but your pride will be your greatest asset, your smile will be your greatest outfit, and your dreams will be a memory, because you will have accomplished something. And something is better than nothing.


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