Coming Clean Prompt


Since I read two books and am in Comp. II and A.P. Eng. I asked Mr. Acton if I could write a poem; he agreed to it, but before I get into the poem I will tell a little bit about the books. One was called Coming Clean and the other was called A Million Little Pieces. One is an autobiography and the other a biography. At first the author of the second book, A Million Little Pieces, called it an autobiography but it was discovered that he lied and some of the book was stories from other people so the publisher changed it. Coming Clean was about a girl who grew up in a loving yet dirty environment. Her dad was a hoarder and later when her mother grows sick she starts ordering things and begins hoarding things herself. the author talks about her experience, having mixed emotions for her parents. She knows they loved her exceedingly so, but she questions what would have been put first. Her or her parent’s stuff? A Million Little Pieces begins rather oddly, where at the age of 23 the author wakes up on a plane to find his four front teeth knocked out, his nose broken, and a hole through his cheek. He had no idea where plane was heading nor an recollection of the past two weeks. An alcoholic for ten years and crack addict for three, he checked into a treatment facility shortly after landing. There he was told he could either stop using or die before he reached 24. This is his story of his 6 weeks in rehab. This poem is about Coming Clean.


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