Gun Control

Genivyve Smith 
Edited 14 December 2013

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

This is the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States. As stated it is to bear arms against a militia, to protect ourselves. But, honestly, when put it into perspective gun control is just another way for politicians to distract us from the real issue, our growing national debt, while they sit trying to come up with a compromise, trying to please everyone. This resulted in a government shutdown. Guess what? Not everyone is happy all the time with others choices, but people cannot control other people, just influence. Instead of putting our country deeper in debt, giving out nearly free hand outs such as welfare, or coming up with “satisfactory solutions to public problems” our country should focus on maintaining and improving what we have. Do not misinterpret me; I am not taking a Republican stand within politics, nor am I Democratic. I am simply stating that we should strive for the best or the right solution in the end, rather than settling.

Just because our country’s leader’s need to do their job for the good of the country’s people rather than themselves does not mean that at Sandy Hook Elementary, for example, that our leaders, in this case President Obama, should not address the issue. But they need to know the issue. It is not guns, for guns are not the main source that kill people. It is unstable people, who do not care about gun laws and will obtain a weapon in various ways anyway.

If we were to put any laws into play they should be ones to improve our mental health system. Some states have already taken the initiative to improve their mental health system.  California has passed a proposition known as proposition 63. This is also known as the Mental Health Services Act. “Starting this year, tax money from California’s wealthiest citizens will be pumped into a fund designated to expand care for the state’s mentally ill,” as quoted from psychologytoday. The man at Newtown’s mental health was clearly unstable.

We have tried to put checks and balances in to stop unstable people. Background checks for example are a way to stop these criminals and do not. Every licensed seller is required to run a background check. Before you go through a background check you must fill out a form saying you are legally allowed to purchase a fireman. Lying on this form is a federal felony, not a just a state crime. “In 2010 that scenario played out 76,000 times and only 13 of those 76,000 were legally blocked from buying a firearm and were actually prosecuted and convicted for committing a felony in order to try to buy a firearm,” according to NRA News commentator and ex Navy SEAL Dom Raso. “When Attorney General Eric Holder was asked about this statistic he said there isn’t enough time to catch and prosecute all these criminals,” as concluded from the, a Washington D.C. based news outlet. If we cannot enforce the laws and checks we have in place what will adding more do? It will only add more time onto a sentence, more charges unto a criminal’s list of broken laws. May 16, 2013 in Sioux Center, Iowa 2 men were charged with gun trafficking. ( As stated before, criminals will sell and obtain guns or weapons in any form they can.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s table 20 or the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website’s table 20 “hands, fists, feet, etc.” is a murder weapon. The weapons New anti-gun advocate Gabrielle Giffords should be provided with this essay, because she simply does not seem to have contemplated the following: our country’s leaders should do their job for the people and not themselves. But maybe we should outlaw hammers and scissors? Michael Zubrod turned on police when they attempted to get him to stop beating a woman with a hammer and scissors. This was in Northwood, Iowa. It can happen anywhere with anything. This is to Gabby Giffords what is a responsible middle class gun owner going to be doing with a semiautomatic rifle? To begin with there is not a practical use and secondly the cost is too much. According to, the cost for an Arsenal SAM7R7.62X39mm 16mm 16” Rifle is $1449.95. Gun control is going to “Handicap the good and empower the bad,” quoted from California Gun Laws youtube video by Colions Nior, a NRA Newscaster.

If we were to improve anything else it should be education. We need to educate people on how to properly use firearms to protect themselves. We need to educate people with the facts. We need to educate people on how to lock up guns and even how to take care of them. It might just bring an appreciation for  the devices that when used improperly are deadly.

The second amendment gives us the right to protect ourselves; the government does not need to alter our rights to protect ourselves. If they were to make a solution to any of the problems related to guns and violence in general the solutions should be to improve the United States’ mental health system, enforce the checks we  have put in place, and to educate people about firearms. This can only be done if the United States government focuses on the people and laws they have put in place if anything, rather than things that do not matter such as people’s personal rights (abortion, gay marriage, etc.). They matter when they are not used to distract us from the debt of our country. This would be more than a satisfactory solution to public problems.

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