Prompt: Describe a time when you received advice that had a positive influence on your life. (Application essay option to Simpson). 


“Watch where you’re going not where you’ve been.” Ever since I was little I have been a clumsy person. I am always tripping up stairs or down stairs or over my own feet. Accident prone one would call me. My adopted mother said this phrase, “Watch where you’re going not where you’ve been,” to me multiple times in one week, but the first time I took the saying as life advice was while walking through a store parking lot when I tripped over a lid to slushy drink. Something so simple, and I still tripped. Again, as I said, I am accident prone. But it clicked as I tripped over this lid. I need to look in front of me for inspiration and not always my past. I was put into foster-care in 2006 and adopted in 2009. My past may be my motivation in my life, but my main form of reasoning needs to be what is in front of me not behind me. I may want to be a Social Worker to help other children who went through abuse like I did, but I need to do it for the children, not for myself. I believe if I focus on the past rather than having it be a background influence I would be overrun with the mentality of being a victim. The best advice I have received was to watch where I was going not where I have been.


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