Teens To Do

10 Fun Things to do with Your Teens

Teens like to do many things, and teens even though they are branching hopefully know where their roots are, family. While they are branching out allprodad states that there are 10 things to let them fly and yet keep flying back again. “Some of the ways to do this are to reminisce (look in the photo album; tell stories of some of the photos or go to an elementary school and visit old teachers taking new photos), play sports (make up a game or simply play catch, be active with your teen), catch a flick (go to whatever theatre they want to go to and maybe take your teen(s) out for a shake afterwards [YUMMY]), the great outdoors (It doesn’t have to be camping, go for a hike in a state park), Big parks and big fun (For us this would mean go to adventure land!), community service (this doesn’t have to be a huge lesson, but teens need to know and be exposed to the good and importance of community service, plus they will feel better about themselves), hit the road (take a random road trip let the teen help read the map [this helps develop life skills]), photo hunt (go looking for things to take pictures of give clues maybe), bowling (what teen doesn’t like cosmic bowling?), let them decide (‘the whole point is to spend meaningful time with your child.’ give them the control [generally] and you may discover she’s a great leader or you may discover something about yourself).”
I believe this is important to me for two reasons: I’m a teen, and I plan to have kids someday. I think all of these sound like fun, and, honestly, the only two my family haven’t done is bowling or community service. I believe parents and children should always try and find time to spend together. NOTE: this doesn’t mean all the time.


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