UPDATE: Bucket List Travel and Other

Sistine Chapel Ceiling and Altar Wall

1. See the Sistine Chapel

2. Go to Rome!

3.  Visit the Library of Congress

4. Visit the Seven Wonders

5. Live in North Carolina and Vermont



1. Attend a Masquerade

2. Be skinny

3. Have clothes I actually like

4. Go hunting

5. Get my tattoos

6. Build something with wood

7. Live with my bestie

8. Message in a bottle

9. Send a letter

10. Keep my room clean for a month

11. Play messy paint twister

12. Paint a room

13. Dye the tips of my hair bright blue

14. Put red in my hair

15. Go to a salon

16. Have a wall of just photos

17. Run everyday

18. Go to a big concert

19. Skinny Dipping

20. Get thrown into a pool

21. Make a heart with our initials in a tree

22. Stop being “Just Friends”

23. Watch the sun rise and set

24. Be a positive role model

25. Listen more


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