Bucket List

This is my bucket list with the first 27 things that came to mind. Some may take more than a year, lasting my whole life, and some may take a day, but anyway I will update it every once in awhile, adding things or checking ’em off!

1. Get my book published.

2. Keep a diary for a whole year.

3. Become closer to God.

4. Enter a poetry contest.

5. Make a scrapbook.

6. Volunteer. (More than I already do!)

7.  Marry the right one the first time.

8.  Become a foster-parent.

9. Adopt a foster-child.

10. Become a social worker.

11. Be happy.

12. Be the best I can be.

13. Kiss my man in the rain.

14. Dance with my man in the rain.

15. Believe I’m beautiful.

16. Graduate High School.

17. Be patient.

18. Go to state speech.

19. Go a week without procrastinating.

20. Have fun at prom this year.

21. Take more pictures. (Not just selfies! Nature people!)

22. Clean out my inbox on my email! 0_o

23. Write to write.

24. Do more chores to help.

25. Forgive and forget.

26. Lose weight for summer.

27. Master crocheting.


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