7 Things

Dad’s 7 Most Important Gifts.

According to allprodad.com there are 7 things a daughter needs from a father. I believe these seven things are critical to a girl’s development and self-esteem in relationships later in life. These seven things are very important: be involved, demonstrate a healthy marriage, support, trust as a confidante, unconditional love, strong spiritual leader, and to be a positive role model.
A dad is someone who is supposed to be there when all those other boys go along the way. He is supposed to be in her life even after she gets married. A dad is an important figure to a girl.
Being involved in a daughter’s life is not just telling her if she needs something your there. Its not just her asking the dad for the car keys and the dad handing them over with no questions. Ask where she’s going. Tell her when curfew is. Be a parent. Being involved also means when she’s out on the basketball court or in the choir on stage be there in the audience. Encourage her dreams by knowing what they are. The dad needs to be an active communicator with his daughter. Being involved her life may seem annoying to her at some points but a dad is supposed to protect and love.
Demonstrate a healthy marriage. Many girls grow up with a thing called male- dependency. Male-dependency is when a girl has not seen a good marriage or an idea of a father figure. She has not seen how a man treats a woman with respect and love and pride. In having male- dependency a young girl, when dating, will fall for anything sounding sweet. If he starts to hurt her, weather it be emotionally or physically, she’ll stay in the relationship. She does this due to the honeymoon phase of an abusive relationship. Does a girl, just because she doesn’t have a father figure, deserve this?
Support. What does this word mean? Its essentially helping to build up her self-esteem rather than breaking it down. If she did something wrong, sure, she needs to be punished, but a daughter also needs to know her father will back her up and believe in her talents and abilities.
Trust is a big term that is kind of by itself. Trust as a confidante is when she goes to her dad telling him about his problems. She wants respect for her feelings and she wants you to listen. Don’t make it, as allprodad.com states, “a dinner-table conversation.”
Unconditional love is when a daughter messes up, even big time, a dad will still love her, forgive her, and most importantly leave it in the past when its done.
The term spiritual is not only religiously. Being spiritually healthy is having and demonstrating good values. Don’t be a hypocrite. Enforce the rules, following them too. She may not like it, but in the end she’ll respect you more.
Do all these and being a positive role model will be a breeze.


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