Parenting Styles Paper

Genivyve Smith

Les Penick

Human Growth and Development

7 November 2012

Parenting Styles

           There are many types of parenting styles, some more effective then others, but never less there are many. There are the authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved parenting styles. The authoritative parenting style is the kind of parenting style both my parents use, and I would like to use this style, for it was how I was raised.

I believe my parents use the authoritative style the majority of the time. They are assertive, forgiving (yet still punishing), expect age appropriateness, expect the best of our abilities, and they generally will answer question when they don’t its because of how its asked; they then act authoritarian. At bedtime for example, when Michael, my younger brother, asks why do I have to go to bed, he would probably get a look saying are you serious?  My mom or my dad would then say, “Because I said so; you go to bed every night at this time. What makes you think tonight is any different?”  I believe at times my mom is authoritarian, more so to the older kids in our family. I think this, because if she sees a side of the story she thinks is right she’s going to stick with it. “My way or the highway.” My dad, on the other hand, is shy so he may come off as permissive, but he’s involved. My dad is not light on rules. He expects your best and will make sure you get there. My dad is strict, but flexible. My parents are authoritative.

I will use authoritative parenting styles, because if I was raised that way and think I am a good person then I hope I can influence my children the same.

There are the authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved parenting styles. I agree best with the authoritative style, and I was raised that way. There are many styles. Which one did you choose?


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