Gun Control

I saw this photo,


and I believe it is very naive. Are we supposed to lay down like lambs for slaughter? Whoever believes this is thinking like a victim, not a survivor. Quit being naive. Quit now!

If you believe that I want you to know Tobacco use kills 529,000 people per year compared to the 11,493 deaths by firearms per year. According to the FBI the number one weapon used in crimes is a baseball bat. If someone is unprotected such as a woman walking home from work what is she to do? Protect herself its her duty, her obligation to herself and honestly the cops are there to enforce the rules, not to run around playing safety.

She should feel safer and not get raped or not get murdered. If the solution to gun related to violence is to limit guns then what’s the solution to rape? Think about that…

“Guns are used 4 times as often in self-defense as in crime and 98% of the time, it is not even fired,” as quoted from FBI and CATO institute services.

At the same time if these people are not educated its useless. Educated and armed people is what is needed; they need to be coinciding.

Educate and protect yourself. Do not be naive like the first photo. Guns do not kill people. People kill people.



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  2. I love this, the problem isn’t guns, it’s mental health. If we just funnel our tax money and governmental ideas into mental health issues instead of guns, we can solve this problem much faster and with less violence.

    • Dear cjohnmiller,
      Oh the psychology of it all! I agree help the mentally unstable.

      I saw this quote and it was “I don’t lock my door for my protection, but rather for yours.” If we were to blame it on the guns, what is next blaming knives or baseball bats? According to the FBI, the most common weapon used in self defense and violent crime is a baseball bat. Does this mean there is going to be no more little league baseball? We need to be accountable with our mental stability and our mental health system rather than putting the blame on guns.

      Educate and help. I agree 100%!

      Note: This does not mean if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness of an kind that you should not be able to purchase nor conceal carry. It should be to the discretion of the mental health professional and the amount of training or education with guns that a person has obtained.

      ~Thanks for commenting GenAmber

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