Los Libros

Everyone gets asked what their favorite movies, games, books, bands, and so on are, so what are mine? (Note: Some of these books are for teens. Others are for adults.) ( Note two: These are not in any order.)


urlBible (King James)


The Glass Castle ~ Jeannette Walls

The Covenant  ~ Beverly Lewis

A Child Called It ~ Dave Pelzer

Diary of Anne Frank

Unbroken ~ Laura Hillenbrand

A Bend in the Road ~ Nicholas Sparks

A Rescue ~ Nicholas Sparks

Lock and Key ~ Sarah Dessen

Just Listen ~ Sarah Dessen

The Host ~ Stephenie Meyer

Calamity Jayne ~ Kathleen Bacus

Tanglewood Plantation ~ Jocelyn Miller and Annie McCoy

Bismarck 2013- Hitler’s Curse ~Robert W. Walker

Message in a Bottle ~ Nicholas Sparks

Notebook ~ Nicholas Sparks


Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants ~ Ann Brashares

Little House on the Prairie Books (always have a special place in my heart ♥)

Maximum Ride Series ~ James Patterson

I will update this as I continue to explore my books. These are the books that stick out in mind, not looking in my library.


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  1. Some amazing books on your list, but a few I have yet to read. Love that you have “Little House of the Prairie” Series because I grew up reading them over and over! I have been wanting to read the Maximum Ride Series, hopefully I will get some time soon to read them! Also love your poetry, and your blog name.

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