Who is the best person you know and why?

The title of this post is the prompt we were supposed to do yesterday, but it was changed. I’m going to do it anyway. REBELLION! Just kidding…

The best person I know is more like a group of people; parents are the best group I know. I should clarify; GOOD parents are the best people I know.
They build a child up, caring for its psychical and emotional needs. Good parents exhibit to their child or children the life skills needed to succeed such as empathy, trust, patience, support, love, strength, etc. A good parent is responsible and respectful. The parent needs to show discipline, but not take it too far. Parents give so much to us and we should honor their positive values everyday.

I may not be a parent or anywhere close, but I believe good parents are the best people I know.

NOTE: When I say parents I don’t reference divorced parents, nor do I exclude them. I think whether it’s a single parent, divorced parents, general parents, foster- parents, or guardians they should all have these qualities and more that were not listed.


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