Forecast ©

Forecast *
Genivyve Smith

You’re the rain on my roof going pitter-patter.
You’re the wind that makes my windows shatter.
You’re the light that shines through my window.
You’re the warmth on the days below zero.
You’re the fog that clouds my sight.
You’re the rolling thunder that gives me fright.
You’re the snow that falls without a care.
You’re the lightening striking down everywhere.
You’re the hurricane that lashes out.
You’re the tornado that rolls about.
You’re the flood that drowns my mind.
You’re the water I cannot find.

You control the atmosphere:
You smile or you’re in tears.

You are the sun on the horizon,
Distant and yet so close,
Beautiful and yet so comforting…

*This was published in The Record: Your Hometown paper Serving Beaman,Conrad, Liscomb, Union, Whitten and Central Iowa.



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