With three semesters left what do I want to accomplish?

I’m sitting here in a senior writing class, where the original writing prompt was with only one semester left what do you want to accomplish? Well, I have three, being a junior.

One, I would like to publish a book. When I finish one, that is. I’m not sure if this is a dream will become reality, but I work and strive towards it everyday. I’ve already published poems and articles.

Two, I want to pass with a higher GPA then I already have. I stand with a 3.6 right now, not including the first semester’s grades.

Three, I want to pass my advanced placed or my dual credit classes. I’ve already passed two. By the end of this year I’ll have three classes (total of nine credit hours) towards my Social Work A.A. degree. I’ll have one (four credit hours) towards my generals.

Four, I want to continue being happy. I want to grow and be positive. I want to stay me. If you aren’t yourself who is?


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