Book Report

The book I read is called The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks. This is my second time reading this particular book, and I enjoyed it both times. I will be talking about the characters in The Rescue, which is a love story. There are the two main characters Taylor McAden is a man of perilousness, and Denise Holton is a women, a single mother of Kyle; she is of caring nature. They fall in love during this exciting climax of a story about the ultimate life decision known as commitment.

Taylor is a volunteer firefighter, who is willing to put his life in the danger zone in order to help others. Taylor finds Denise in the middle of a terrific raging storm in Edenton, North Carolina. This storm was called one of the most violent storms in North Carolina history, and it occurred in 1999 which made some people believe it was the first step towards the end of time. An omen you could say it was. This outcry left Denise to barely see on the road while she presumed to drive home. She barely hit a deer and crashed her car. Denise by instinct slammed on the brakes, sending her swerving about. This caused her to crash and lose consciousness. Taylor finds her.

Denise wonders where Kyle, her son, is. She has blood all over her and her head keeps splitting open, seeping more crimson red blood. Denise searches for him until the Emergency Medical Technician makes her stop and later the doctors think she is crazy; she keeps saying Kyle’s name. Taylor finds Kyle later.

They fall in love. Inseparable until Taylor pushes her away, for this is where the test of commitment comes into play.

Taylor feels the need to save everyone, because he blames himself for his father’s death. He tried to save pervious girlfriends but when they didn’t need his help anymore, he left them slowly, drifting away emotionally and then ending it with the prior girls.

He blames himself for, his friend’s, Mitch’s death. Mitch dies in a fire, and Taylor feels like he cannot do good if he couldn’t even save his best friend, who was a volunteer fire fighter too. Taylor tries to then rescue Melissa, the widow of Mitch. Melissa is completely honest with him and tells Taylor that she doesn’t need rescued. She tells him to go talk to Denise, being truthful with her too.

He is honest with her. Taylor tells Denise about his father’s death and Mitch’s death. Denise and Taylor are in love. They later have a kid, naming the baby boy Mitch.

love |ləv|


1 an intense feeling of deep affection


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