If I had a genie to grant me three wishes one would be to to have endless books at my will, because I like to read and learn from that or relate it to my life. Sometimes that gives me inspiration. I would also have the wish of having my books and poems published. I want this because its how I express myself and from that I can help people by relating to them. I like writing, reading, and helping.
I sit here and think about my third wish. All that comes up is nonmaterialistic things; things that cannot be bought or wished upon. Happiness, helping, caring, listening, thinking, getting into Heaven. People/ I should make these things come from me not a genie. I’m not sure what my third wish would be.

This is how I responded to the Comp question of: If you had a genie that would grant you three wishes, what would they be and why?

In all honesty this goes against my religion.


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